Good Morning Cat

Today she sat in my chair, as if she were seeing what it might be like to be me.

It seems in the past few months I have somehow become a morning person. With my morning coffee and a book, I’ve found there is a special space between waking and being a part of the world around me, where I can relax and cherish the still quiet of a city morning. My constant companion during those hours is Leeloo, the little orange cat who has been with me on nearly all my journeys of the last 5 years. Now we are learning to be morning ‘people’.

Every morning holds something new and unique- whether it is the sun breaking through a fluffy raft of clouds above my neighbors roofs, or just my little orange cat being her unusual self. I’m so enamored with my morning time that sleeping in for the weekends has begun to feel strange. However, some habits are harder to break, and I think that’s fine.


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