Introducing… Captain Couch

captain couch cat children's illustration portland


While I’m working on wrapping up the dummy for Laurel & Hawthorne, I thought I would start introducing the main characters! Without further ado- let’s get to know Captain Couch.

Captain Couch has seen a lot in his 10 years with the Spencer family. He arrived in the house as a little orange ball of fur, as he has grown, so has his family. His first companions were Rose & Cully, then newlyweds, who showered him with colorful toys and squishy beds (though he prefers bits of string, candy wrappers, and the windowsill). A few years later, Laurel came along, bringing a whirl of excitement, curiosity and new games with her. Best of all, Laurel is the perfect napping buddy. Recently a new member of the family arrived, Laurel & Captain Couch are still getting used to wild little Hawthorne.

Captain Couch loves:

  • sneaking sips of coffee out of Rose’s mug
  • napping with Laurel (and Hawthorne when he is being civilized)
  • helping Cully get work done on his laptop
  • finding new hiding places
  • watching the world outside the window

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