Grace Anderson is a classically trained figurative artist with a decade of experience working as a professional artist and designer and over seven years of experience teaching in the arts. Grace began her formal training in her native Southern California at Laguna College of Art & Design, and continues honing her technique through regular gallery showings, portraiture commissions and constant study.

With a tendency to dive deep into the subjects she is most passionate about, Grace’s work spans many disciplines, including design, illustration, portraiture and forensic art. Grace enjoys teaching and learning, and strives to strike a balance between the two in her life. Basically Grace is a nerd. It’s ok, though.

Grace enjoyed the role of cartoonist and co-contributor for Forensic Facts, a cartoon devoted to dispelling myths and sharing knowledge about forensic science. We are currently on an indefinite hiatus while we live life a bit.

Speaking of living life, Grace now lives in Northeast Wisconsin with her husband and brand new son, and their little orange cat. You can watch zillions of stories of their baby napping through walks, alongside some sketches on Grace’s Instagram.

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