In my free time I paint, and paint, and paint.

During my career as a creative professional I have had the pleasure of working for multinational corporations, indie publications, and countless small businesses. My work has been carried in fun & funky chains like Francesca’s Collections, mom & pop shops nationwide, as well as being published alongside some of the funniest writers & illustrators in The Devastator.

The past 4 years have been spent in Portland, OR, where I have worked in marketing design and served as Board Chair for a local volunteer organization. Prior to my time here I lived in the Bay Area working as a graphic artist for a home decor wholesaler while riding the cutest motorcycle I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Outside of work I am a dedicated reader, coffee drinker, and cat petter. I like vintage clothes, exploring museums and trying to learn about all of the bones in the body well enough to just throw them down on paper- my favorite bone to draw is the scapula, but my favorite bone overall is the pisiform, which is the smallest bone on the outside of the wrist.

Interested in working together? Shoot me an email here.

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